Laundry Room
please remove all items before close each day.

Restroom Shower
Please see camp host if you need access when closed.

Campers cannot stay more than 14 consecutive nights, or more than 14 nights in a calendar month.

Please be aware that we irrigate the grass every
Wednesday nights
from 11:30pm to 6:00am.
Items on tables or on the grass WILL GET WET these nights and we ask that you plan accordingly.
Have a great stay at Armitage Park!

Campground Fees:
Site with one vehicle $30.00/Night
Pull thru sites 2-4-6-8-16 $33.00/Night
Additional Vehicles $7.00/Night
Group Sites Sun-Thrus $75.00/Night
Fri-Sat $150.00/BOTH Nights
Tent Site $20.00

Campground Drop Ins Registrations Instructions
Select and secure any unoccupied or unreserved site.
Only 2 nights guaranteed without reservation.
Complete all information requeststed on fee envelope and enclose appropriate fee.
Deposit envelope in fee collection box.
Remove fee stub from envelope and display on drivers's side vechile dashboard.

Dog regulations Stricly Enforced!
-Dogs must be on leash (max 6 ft.) at all times. Do not leave animals unattended L.C. Code 6.540
-Owners are required to remove pets' solid wase.
L.C. Code 6.585
-Minimum Fine $141 per dog
as per Lane County Parks Division.